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United States
Current Residence: Mountain Dew
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Woah. Every time I get this urge to draw--this creative burst of energy--I've got a billion of other things to do!

Why does this happen!?

I've started drawing, but I have no time to finish it off on the computer because of all these stinky tests.... Ghahhahhaha...


And I'm finally glad that my ToriShogo or KenSho dilemma has been solved. I've been a fan of TakeruxChiaki for a loooong time but it conflicted with my first pairing of TakeruxMako (yes... Mako is a girl D: )... So nooow...

I don't have to worry about that because now it seems that Pech is in support of KenSho!!! YAY! I've been a KenSho fan for a while... fighting with myself about Shogo abandoning Tori for Kenken... or Kenken leaving Date... XD But it's official now.


Speaking of Shogo.... who was in Shinkenger... which is sentai....

Gokaiger! :D

If anyone has noticed... I have yet to draw Don. This is only because he's never been really that cool. His plaid shirt with plaid pants and plaid tie... Really? Anyway! Episode 28 was a big turning point. I've always loved Luka, but I really love her now. And Don was just as awesome! How can that be!? I've watched that episode three times already. And to answer that question, it's because Luka made Don cool. Haha. It's my second favorite after episode 12. Because MarvelousxJoe love just can't be beat. I will never forget when Marvelous told Joe that he wants him. XDDDDDD

I'm going to get started on a gift for my lovely cousin. It's a doll of her favorite Gokaiger. And I hope she doesn't read this because it'll ruin the surprise. But if I do that for her, I would also have to make one for her twin... Oh gosh. I love how these girls love Gokaiger. Neeka poses as GokaiPink and she says "PINNK!" so cute! She can't really say Gokai... so she's excused. I ironically did GokaiSilver... So I guess that makes me Gai. D:

It's funny. I was talking about Luka and asked my aunt if she knew what I was talking about. Of course she said yes! Then she explained how Pech is Luka, Sian's Marvelous, Mia is Joe, and Neeka is Ahim... and the said... and "I guess your the green one." I freaked out. This was before the epic of the body switching episode. Now I wouldn't mind... but for some strange reason, I'd rather be Gai. Poop.

The reason for my journal title: I'm finishing up that three month old picture that I was doing of the Goseigers. I don't know how swiftly that will work out though...
  • Listening to: "Open My Heart!" ~ Oishi Suichirou
  • Reading: Ecology?
  • Watching: GOKAIGER!
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: City Folk

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powerkidzforever Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
hi there
crystalcrystalnicole Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
i want to wish u a happy new year
hope u had fun for the new year.
Hey, that's me again. Sorry if I am annoying you, but I want to ask you something... About Coloring, what software do you use on your works? (If you don't mind telling me, if you want to take this secret to your grave, you're also free).

I already have some outlines and want to splatter some color on this gray (sorry for the Metallica reference, inevitable). So I'm asking you. If you can tell me I'll owe my life to you.

thank you, my dear friend
puppeatster Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
No secret. I'm using Photoshop CS4. Not that I would know the difference between any of the versions...

Happy coloring!

And sorry for such a late reply.
Don't worry about the lateness, I've already downloaded PCS5 (Probably will work the same way), but I need to learn how it works (I actually found some tutorials as well).

The main problem is that dmn outlines, I don't know if it is just my scanner, but they turn brownish when I scan them. I'll try something different for drawing them (some kind of special pen, maybe).

But Thank you very much for the answer anyway :)
aberinkulasonofnight Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
Hi!!! Wazzzup!?!? Here I came to say I really like your drawings. Keep the good work!!!

ByTheWay, where are you from?
puppeatster Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Hey~ Thanks so much! I will!

My info says I'm at Mountain Dew. XD I forgot about that. But I'm really from the U.S.

Thank you for the watch.
randomcuteness Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
hello? *looks around* r u there? :poke:
did u get my note?
puppeatster Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Got it! Sorry that it took so long for me to get back. I've been busy. But I will work on it as soon as possible! And try to get it to you as soon as I can.
randomcuteness Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Ok thank you
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